trying times.

Sunday, October 12, 2008 ♥ 0

Things don't happen to you; things happen for you.

Everything that happens in our lives will not happen if it's not according to God's special, intricate plan for us! Each of us has our own cross to carry, and God knows how much of a burden it can be. More often than not, the cross we carry will cause us to be tired, frustrated, sad, and even make us feel terrible pain.

Jesus understands. When He was carrying His cross to Golgotha (where He was to be crucified), He could not continue, for He was too weak and had no strength - the result of the stripes and crown of thorns He bore for us. And that was when Simon took over, and helped our Saviour Jesus to carry the cross the rest of the way.

Likewise, God will never put us through a situation that's beyond what we can handle. Even if it feels that way most of the time, He is always right there for us, helping us carry our cross. And sometimes He does that by sending specific people to help us, to share the burden with us. Just like Simon.

I am so in need of God right now. And I'm so thankful, for I know He is with me. I'm loved, and never alone. He gave me family, and He sent me friends.

But most importantly, He gave me His life.
He'll bring me through.

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