how to get a fever

Thursday, January 22, 2009 ♥ 0

A step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Ensure the day your Design assignment is due is on the very same day as your (incredibly stress-inducing) Drama quiz. Let's call it The Day.

Step 2: As The Day approaches, go to college as per usual, but construct a good study plan where you can allocate enough time to finish both your assignment and study for your quiz.

Step 3: Go to college. Get through class. Then hurry back to the carpark in the Main Block to get your car and drive back home to study!

Step 4: Walk back to your car under the absolutely scorching sun. Discover that someone has parked their car Right. In. Front. Of. Yours. Get really annoyed by the person's inconsideration (and daftness) and enter your car anyway, hoping that the person will come back soon.

Step 5: Continue to get (sun) burned inside the car for about 15 minutes. Give up waiting for the owner and get out of car and back into college to wait.

Step 6: When the person finally drives away, go home later than planned, messing up your entire Study Plan. Your throat starts to hurt and phlegm follows suit.

Step 7: Oh, and you must already have an ulcer the size of Atlantis and as painful as sitting on a porcupine.

Step 8: Struggle to study for Quiz (which is the very next day) while finishing up Design (thank you, Brian!).

Step 9: Complete Design Assignment. Body temperature rises and you are incredibly warm. Be wary, as a headache will ensue.

Step 10: All of a sudden, your body begins to ache, and your movements become heavy. Don't bother trying to get your warm body cool by switching on the air-conditioning, because you're now feeling both hot and cold at the same time. When all these occur, congratulations! You are now having a full-fledged fever.


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