soak up the sun

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 ♥ 1

Every buddy, this is my adorable four-year-old Labrador Retriever!
Her name's Ebby (short for Ebony), but when it's just the both of us, I like to call her Puppy. I remember the first time we brought her home; she was only two months old and I could cradle her in my arms like a baby. But not for long though - she grew up so fast! Her first encounter with the grass-cutter was incredibly cute. She was so scared, she just sat there, pressed against the wall, staring at the machine that was making the loud, loud noise. So I sat down beside her and cuddled her until she got used to the loud sounds.

Now, she's grown up and is incredibly brave. Ebby has different kinds of barks for different situations, but she will never bark at family. Good girl! And, whenever I'm feeling happy or sad, I like to take her out to the garden at night and star-gaze. *nodnod*


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