pink stars and dainty hearts

Saturday, May 23, 2009 ♥ 1

There's something beautiful about holding a book and feeling its texture under your fingers as you turn the page; holding a pencil and sketching a majestic view; using a paintbrush to control the divine strokes that make a painting breathtaking; cutting up pieces of coloured paper and using glue-sticks to make a pretty scrapbook; and having photos that are full of adventures found in love and friendship, framed up all over your house or office desk for you to gaze at in fond remembrance. Technology has indeed made life much easier, but nothing tops the real thing. Looking at photos in your computer is nothing like having it printed or developed and held in your hands to cherish. Plus, framing them up in gorgeous photoframes make it all the more fun!

Inspired by the way The Tea Drinking English Rose displays her photos, I went hunting for crafty wooden pegs to hold my own and decorate my room with. I was delighted when I found these adorable pegs at Emma K.:

My favourite is the pink star - it's so dainty and cute! Same goes for the rest, and I bought them immediately. Still looking for more to add to my collection... Crafty things simply make me smile!


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  • - Angel - says:

    heya.. ever since i've been spending more time blogging, i find cute, dainty things really adorable :) hope to hear from you soon :) you look like a friend of mine by the way..

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