Tuesday, July 14, 2009 ♥ 3

Hi sweets!
Today was Day One of a two-month internship I am doing at 17 magazine, and it was really fun! I could not have gotten this internship without God's favour (which includes a very sweet boss!) and so I just really wanna praise and thank Him for His hand over my life, and also for the bunch of supportive people in it.

It's pretty surreal to be a part of this amazing editorial team. I was pretty (read: very) nervous the night before my first day, but the girls there were just great at welcoming the newbie. All are lovely ladies! There wasn't a boring moment - the moment my foot crossed the office door, I was immediately given my very first task, which was exciting and made me happy. Today, my tasks included making phone calls to cosmetic companies for price checks (it was such a pleasant surprise to see Boyfriend's sister on the list! hahaha small world), typing, looking up celebrity birthdays and sourcing images on Getty. As for tomorrow, there's a coupla things lined up but I'll leave that for another time... ;)

The night ended perfectly when I met up with the Boyfriend and got a big hug from him. Tomorrow we're going to watch Public Enemies. (turns out I can't seem to escape Christian Bale's wispy voice. Ever.) Yayy! Also, it's just another two days till our very special day - our first anniversary! So excited.

Have a very blessed rest of the week, beautifuls!


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