Wednesday, July 8, 2009 ♥ 2

Daisy, give yourself away,

Look up at the rain

The beautiful display,

of power and surrender

Giving us today,

when she gives herself away

Let it go,

Daisy let it go

Open up your fists

This fallen world,

Doesn't hold your interest,

Doesn't hold your soul,

Daisy let it go

Daisy, why another day?

Why another sunrise?

Who's will take the blame,

For all redemptive motion?

And every rainy day,
when He gives Himself away.

A bittersweet song that uses a flower as a metaphor, with lyrics that encourage the daisy to not get rooted in this temporal and imperfect world but instead, let go of it and embrace the Maker of both sunshine (joyful times) and rain (cloudy times): God. He is the one who gives meaning to life and showed true, unconditional love when He gave Himself away on the Cross, dying for our sins. Jesus loves you, and He will take care of all your worries. You just have to let go, and release your troubles to Him.

Go ahead, He's listening.

song: Daisy by Switchfoot
beautiful photo found in Fine Little Love

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