if i were Queen of the world...

Monday, July 6, 2009 ♥ 4

...I'd sparkle!

Hello lovelies!
What a happy pappy month it has been so far. Yes, it's only the 6th day of July but it's been a great start so far! I am so contented with life. I'm blessed with awesome family, an uber sweet Boyfriend (who surprised me with Freddo's chocolate and a sunshiney gerbera today!), hilariously funny friends (who are coming over now for DVD night) and gorgeous readers like yourself!
So right now I'm pining over a beautiful magazine named Lula.
Oh, how I wish I could get my hands on just one issue. It's not a monthly mag; there are only two new issues (and perhaps limited copies) per year and it is the most lovely thing! How incredibly difficult to get a copy - it's almost always sold out the moment it is released. In fact, each issue has become a collector's item and is being sold for nearly $200 (yes, US dollars) on Ebay. It is simply filled with pure eye candy for lovers of whimsical fashion and dreamy photography! Le sighhhhh.

I'll find a way to get a copy, somehow!


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  • I thought it was a monthly mag cause ive seen it a few times in borders! but man, if i had found out sooner. im always on the look out to buy one. It costs $52 to buy the subscription

  • Gracie says:

    Ohhh gorgeous!! I love the Lula images I find. Wish I could find it as well because I never see it here. Maybe one day we will both have an issue =)

  • ashes: oooh you're so blessed to have Lula where you live! :) yes, do look out for it. i assume the new one will be out soon... it's already july. i'm not sure though!

    gracie: isn't it? so pretty, it's gorgeous! it's all right, i am certain we will find one some day. perhaps when we're traveling... ;)

  • I LOVE Lula magazine! Shame it is $30 Aust!!!

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