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Monday, July 20, 2009 ♥ 5

I got tagged by Chloe, and the rules are:

Link back to the person who tagged you
List six little things that make you happy
Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”

How fun! :) Little joys are what makes life smiley, after all. So here they are, in no particular order, the six little things that make me happy!

1.) Words
One little word can often have so much depth.
It's beautiful how much meaning words can bring.

2.) Rain
Most people love sunshine (as do I) but I've always relished heavy rain more than any other weather. It's my favourite time
to snuggle up under the covers and read, or take a nap. And also to steal warm huggles from the Boyfriend, of course. (or make like Haley and Nathan and kiss in the rain! tee hee)

3. Cupcakes!

When my college mates were phoning each other the other day, trying to find out where the rest were, Eka responded, "we're at Julia's favourite cupcake place."
Cupcakes are the way to my heart. :))

4.) Doing things the old school way
Typewriters, handwritten poems, scrapbooking, Polaroid pictures, chivalry, romantic bicycle rides and such should never become lost art.

5.) Bunnies!!!
And huskies and puppies and otters and polar bears and tigers and lions and foxes and... okay I think you get the picture.

6. Devotions
There's no better way to start and end the day like spending time with my God and creator, Jesus! He's my source of strength and inspiration. Whenever I'm weary (or even when I'm happy), I am comforted because I am able to just rest in His calming presence. Prayer time is just me having fun conversations with God and reading the Bible is like unlocking secrets to His heart. I love it!

I now tag:

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What about you, sweets? I'd love to hear what are the little things that make you happy! :)

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  • Anonymous says:

    You've come up with a very wonderful list, Jules. Cupcakes are yum but I personally prefer muffins. ;) How are you, by the way?

    Love, Jess

  • Gracie says:

    Aww Julia! I will be doing this tag next post! Thanks for tagging me! I adore the things that make you happy. I love the pictures that corresponded with each happy thing. I love the old school way too =) So many lovely things here =)

  • Anonymous says:

    i wanted to say the same..ur pictures are just so so pretty as always n they never fail to amaze me =)its great to knw how little things around us can just make us so happy n bring a smile to us when we are lonely =) -reshma-

  • jess: oh gosh muffins are absolutely scrumptious, too! but cupcakes - ah, cupcakes. they're my first cake-y love! tee hee. i'm good - just been very busy 'cos i'm currently doing an internship so it's all about working hours for me. but i'm enjoying it a whole lot. :) hope you're having a spankin' good time at london! miss youuu.

    gracie: no need for thanks, love! it would be a delight to see what makes you happy (in your next post!). thank you for being ever so sweet. yes, old school ways are the best! the kids of the new generation prolly spend time 'playtime' using the internet or playing video games instead of playing at the parks or those cool boardgames like we used to. :(

    reshma: thanks, resh! the photos are beautiful, aren't they? the people who captured them are really talented. :) indeed, it's the little things that matter the most sometimes. hope you're enjoying your holiday! x

  • Thank you for always checking up on me. Your words are a source of cheer to me. Really, you have no idea how blessed i am to have come across your blog. Thank you for tagging me, also. I'll do it soon!

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