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It's been quite a wonderful week so far, praise God! Been juggling between my internship and classes for almost two weeks now and my last day at Seventeen is approaching. I'm taking three subjects this semester and the lecturers are really great this time around, making classes enjoyable.

As for the applications, I've narrowed down my choices to four unis after speaking to a couple of advisors. I have enough credits to transfer to USA in February, but will only be able to transfer to Oz in June. Right now it's not about when I want to transfer, but more of where I want to end up in. Sigh. I'm really torn between the two countries. On one hand, I've always dreamed of furthering my studies in NY, albeit perhaps I've been seeing it through a rose-tinted glass. I've only visited NYC once and it was wonderful, but the vibe I get when thinking about studying there is pretty intimidating; prolly 'cos it's a 24 hour flight away. On the other, hand I think the Australian lifestyle suits me well, and it's much nearer to home compared to the US. But maybe US will be an even more eye-opening experience for me. I'll be majoring in Journalism, and the unis I am applying to in both countries are known for that course, so I have no worries about which school will be better. GAHH. Decisions, decisions. I'm still praying for God to direct my path, though. I remember someone sharing this before:

"There is such a thing as a good plan,
but a God plan is even better."

It's so true. Despite the confusion, I can really see God's hand guiding me step-by-step, daily.

Where do you think I should go, lovelies?
New York, Melbourne or Queensland?

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