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Sunday service was excellent today, as per usual! Was really blessed by what Pastor Kenneth shared as it really hit home for me. Because we know that God loves us, we can wake up every morning feeling confident about life. God is not one who will punish us for the rest of the day because we sinned the night before. He doesn't go out of the way, scheming and thinking of ways of how to punish us. That's just not His character. Many a time I've gotten all worked up, thinking that God won't help me when I pray, because I've done so much wrong.

That does not mean I can sin and still be blessed by God, but it means that God is a god of many, many chances and of love; ever so patient and wanting to forgive and bless me despite my flaws. And once I recognize that, I will turn away from my old, sinful ways because that doesn't please the God I love.

There was this
supernatural peace that came upon me as I went out to pray and to be prayed for today. It's amazing, because for the past month I've been feeling a real spiritual wreck, unable to even just talk to God in prayer. Reasons? Right above - the last sentence of my first paragraph. I felt that He didn't want to help me or answer my prayers because I've been so proud, so unworthy. But today God pushed away all those nonsensical thoughts and gave me peace. Nothing profound, no tears or loud prayers needed. Just total surrender and letting God take control again. I'm not perfect; I don't have perfect grades or a perfect life. I may be nothing special in the eyes of the world, but my extraordinary God cares for me and knows we're special anyway (Psalm 139). Hey, He created us, He should know, right? ;) Amazing grace indeed.


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