a mixture of sorts

Thursday, December 10, 2009 ♥ 8

Hello, lovelies!
My finals ended today, and I am so incredibly ecstatic! Finally, the holidays are here! I've not had a proper holiday since forever because I was doing my internship while everyone else was on a seven-week-long break the last time, so I'm really pleased. I will be away for the next coupla days as I'll be going on a road trip with them college mates! Ahhh, a beach getaway, lotsa eating, star-lit skies, crazy sing-alongs, hotel rooms, interesting adventures (what we have planned for the first night is really funny. Will share more when I'm back!) and no sleep. All in the name of fun, friends, and fellowship!
Hope you all will have a blessed and wonderful rest of the week, sweets! I will see you soon.

Julia xx
photo found in Daydream Lily

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