Friday, January 15, 2010 ♥ 2

I was afraid to come online this morning. Last night, when I got the shocking news of my friend's death, it all felt so surreal. Watching Christine weep, praying together for Sandra's family, and later on reminiscing about how beautiful and funny Sandra was... it felt like I was stuck in a dream.

This morning as I awoke from my slumber, the strange, bad dream did not go away. I woke up to reality, because it turns out reality still exists, no matter how harsh. No matter how much you're grieving.

I wasn't very close to Sandra, but she was still my friend. She talked so much, so fast. She was very cute when she panicked, and her expressions as well as the way she responded to things always made me smile. 21 is too young an age to die without warning. It was a car accident.

I was afraid to come online this morning, because I knew that every one would have left messages for Sandra on her Facebook account. I didn't think I could handle reading them. I can't.

Life is so peculiar. We can promise each other forever, but all we have is now. Don't wait until tomorrow. All we have is now.

photo found in Sophie Jade

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