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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 ♥ 3

Hi, my dearests! How has October been treating you so far? With lots of candy coloured happiness, I hope. As for me, I've been busy, busy, busy as a bee. I truly wish I could come around your beautiful blogs more often. I miss you all. If it's not assignments, it's life that's hectic. The past few weeks have been filled with endless highlarious fun with friends who came over for a visit from different parts of Australia, numerous trips to every World (Dreamworld, White Water World, Movie World, Sea World - check, check, check and check!), relaxing on the beach at Surfers Paradise, partying it up at on a Saturday night at the Valley, indulging in amazing desserts (Freestyle, Max Brenner... you two make my life), and reading.

I also enrolled for dance classes a few weeks back and it's been so tiring but fun! It's been ages since I last danced so I figured I should do something to improve and get a little more active. I'm doing mainly Girly Hip Hop, Burlesque and Samba Fitness, all of which are uber tough. Let's just say I need to warm up for a warm up. Hahaha. But 'tis all so worth it, 'cos it's so enjoyable! Love it.

But I only allowed myself this much fun (we had a mid-sem holiday last week, hence the insane amounts of trips to Gold Coast) because I'd been working pretty hard the entire semester and I figured a good break was needed from all the stress and fretting. Honestly it's been really tough but by God's grace and amazing support from family and friends, I've slowly gotten the hang of things. My results thus far have been pretty pleasing, all thanks to Jesus! But it's not how you start - it's how you finish. And God doesn't do half-baked work, so I know He'll see me through all the way, good or bad. I only have about 5 weeks of classes left before one final paper and I'm done for the year!

I can't believe how fast my first semester in UQ has gone by, just like that. Majoring in both Writing and Journalism has proven to be both very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Writing involves a lot of creativity and is mostly based around Literature while Journalism requires a more succinct, concise execution. Needless to say, there's a lot of writing involved in both and I get burned out sometimes. Turns out, one can be fresh out of words. I always live by the saying I write to see what I think, but apparently that only works when I'm not bogged down with heaps of essays and short responses to write. When that happens, jumbled thoughts = jumbled writing. That's when you have to actually sit back and go enjoy the little things before continuing work. Also, that's when revising and editing comes in. So at least jumbled writing helps you see how jumbled it is and thus begin to organize thought. (I believe I'm rambling) Thank God for lovely friends who take time out of their day to help me proof read and edit my work when I'm just too blur and tired to go on.

And I guess I've to stop here because I've gotta wash up and get ready for Lounge Group (it's Biscuits Night whilst studying the book of Habakkuk, woo!) before coming home to finish yet another assignment. LIFE, YOU ARE BITTERSWEET.

Have a wonderful week, beautifuls! You are loved.

thanks, Mr. Anonymous for getting me the
lovely Frankie daily journal for next year! I love it.

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  • Katyha says:

    Ah fun times at Uni! I have 4 weeks left too...I can't wait to finish. Good luck! I'm sure you'll have excellent results :)

  • Anonymous says:

    You're welcome Juliasaur. Wuju.

  • Candice says:

    I really love this post, Julia! I am so happy to hear that you're dancing again!! It's so much fun, isn't it? Interesting to hear about the journalism thing..I'm thinking about switching to communications from business, but originally considered journalism.

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