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Saturday, November 6, 2010 ♥ 13

Working... on my final Literature assignment for the semester. So difficult! I need my writing mojo back.

oh-so-happy with my tickets for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 premiere on IMAX. But what's even better is that my bestie Alya could actually stalk the actors in the London premiere if she wanted to. Oh, the pleasures of studying in the UK! (p/s:iloverupertgrint)

God for creating bees, because me-oh-my, I love honey. On toast, pancakes, with butter, whatever. LOVE.

to Muse's full discography with joy because I've been blessed with new speakers, thanks to David. Yayy! Plus I am oozing with insane excitement for Muse live in Brisbane next month. Heck, I got my tickets to this upcoming concert even before I bought my tickets to Australia back in May/June, man. Haha!

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Happy November, lovelies! I hope all of you are fine and dandy. I can't wait for Summer holidays because that means I'll be able to get around your blogs more often and finally host *thisdaisy's first giveaway. Not to mention, partying it up in Brizzy before I head home for the holidays in December. Hee. 

Also, I've just started up a formspring for this blog, which you will be able to find on your right. Just thought I'd try it out for a month or so in hopes of getting to know each other better, so please feel free to ask or tell me anything if you'd like, sweets. I'll then compile the submissions and respond to them in a blog post. Funsies!

Anyway, I best be off as I need to get back to my assignment. Not before I watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy whilst eating toast with honey, though. Heehee. I hope your last two months of 2010 will be filled with all kinds of wonderful. 


image of the adorable Rupert HP cast found here

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