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Friday, January 7, 2011 ♥ 7

happy 21st birthday in advance! what's your favourite part about birthdays?
Thank you, lovely! Ooh I just love birthdays so much. (: I love celebrating it with loved ones and I always love taking the opportunity to be a kid again. When I turned 16 we played hide n' seek at my party haha! It was the best! Then when I turned 20 the theme was all things kiddy and rainbow coloured. Had helium balloons everywhere and everything. I think my favourite part about it, though, is feeling special. Being the birthday pryncess for a day. I love reading the cards I get.

Silver or gold?
White gold! ;) Hee.
But if I had to choose between silver or gold, hmmm. It really depends what it is. Jewellery? Balloon colours? I like both colours but only certain shades of gold... So I guess silver.

What is the best part of being in Aussie?
Oh, so many lovely things to choose from! The best part about being in Brisbane would be attending the University of Queensland, I believe. I love my campus. It's so beautiful and I feel overwhelmed with pride every time I'm there. It feels really surreal to be able to be a part of UQ and it makes me so happy!
A close second would be how easy it is to get around - I love the City Cat (ferry on the Brisbane river)! I also like how fresh everything feels. I don't know why, but I feel like anything is possible there.

And of course, my church. I love my church and my spiritual family there. They're just such a fun bunch to be with and I'm looking forward to growing with them even more when I return next month!

HAHAHA love the "heheh??" part, whoever you are. Makes you sound darn pervy! *grin* David's good. If it weren't for Rozie he'd be my eating soulmate. Haha! So glad my bestie and my boyfie love food as much as I do. Long live food.

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