daytime at circular quay, sydney

Thursday, April 21, 2011 ♥ 5

Boyfriend and I in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge. 

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Our little weekend getaway in Sydney was wonderful. 
We saw dugongs (!!), walked by the beautiful harbour, shopped at the city centre, ate the yummiest food (except we were quite grumpy when we didn't get a chance to eat German pork knuckles! Hmph.), visited the seafood market, and most importantly, had great fun spending quality, couply time together. Which included doing work and assignments during the night time, because we were both swamped with work that needed to be completed after we got back from Sydney. Still, all work and no play makes us angry bunnies so we made up for it by eating and shopping heaps during the day. *beams*

Speaking of, I can't get this fantastic fruit tart I had out of my mind. I've never been a huge fan of fruit tarts, but by George that was the yummiest I'd ever tasted! Homg. I'm going to Southbank soon to see if Brisbane as an equivalent. 

What's your favourite dessert, lovelies? 


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  • awwww what a cute couple! Oh and I wish you coulda snapped a picture of the dugongs and fruit tart. =)

  • Lou says:

    sounds ace, I would love to visit there! xo

  • hi julia! dropping by to say that i've been loving your "letters" in the form of posts, to us, for a long time now. &that my favorite dessert is apple crumble that's right out of the oven, with nice vanilla icecream on top. ♥

  • Anonymous says:

    flipin amazing photo!!!! everything looks so nice, and i'm guessing a random took this photo.. which makes it even shocking- good shock hahaha you two are cuuuute xxxxx

  • thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I love this picture of you! and I love your other photos as soft and pretty, just like I like them:) ♥

    p.s. I have family that lives in QLD! how sweet is that?!

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