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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 ♥ 2

Switchfoot live in Toowoomba, Queensland


Which are the moments that make you feel most alive? 

I've never really thought about it before, but I think there are many, many answers to that question. I think my most recent memory of feeling most alive was on Saturday, 23rd April 2011. I felt most alive because I felt I was going to die under the cold, pouring rain and strong winds. Hee, I exaggerate not! My friends and I had driven all the way to Toowoomba to attend Easterfest and catch Switchfoot live. The afternoon started off bright and sunny, and I'd have never expected what was going to come next. From discovering the place where Switchfoot were sound checking to actually talking to them... I thought my day was made. That is, until I met Erica Bartle, also known as Girl With a Satchel and glossy media pro. 

I'd been so busy with uni that I'd been putting off looking for new internships, work experience, and e-mailing Erica to ask if I could contribute to her website because one, I was nervous, and two, I still didn't think I was good enough, even though God has shown me countless times that He makes me good enough. As most of you know, I spent my teen years reading every single issue of Girlfriend, the magazine Erica was once the deputy editor of. Erica has been my glossy writing role model for years now, and her faith continues to inspire me until today. When I bumped into her at Easterfest, I was starstruck. Our conversation that turned into the possibility of me contributing to her website had me amazed at how good God is, as well as how sincere and lovely Erica is, as already expected! I really felt God reminding me through this unexpected encounter that I needn't worry about my future because He takes care of my tomorrows, always. He knows the desires of our heart and just loves making us glad. And meeting Erica made me glad! I was a nervous bubbling fangirl, I tell ya! She's such a wonderful person. 

Despite the sunny weather in the afternoon, it start pouring an hour before Switchfoot were scheduled to come on at 8pm. We were watching Newworldson perform just as it started raining, and we started shivering like crazy. The winds were mad, and so was the rain. And this was Toowoomba. In autumn. Uh oh. After an hour, the rain still didn't let on and Switchfoot had to be pushed back another thirty minutes. We were freezing so bad we almost gave up waiting, but we stayed huddle together and pushed through the cold. I'm glad we did, because in the end, it was more than worth it. 

Switchfoot was amazing. I'd waited years to listen to them play live, and the flash flood didn't stop any of us from rocking out to Mess of Me or any of their old favourites like Meant To Live together. We moshed in muddy water almost up to our calves, and I was near tears when they played the beautiful Your Love Is A Song

Jon Foreman (Switchfoot's front-man) told us that night that he would never ever forget this moment as they performed under the rain. Neither will I. The day I spoke a few words to Switchfoot, met the lovely Erica Bartle, and rocked out to an epic gig under flash floods, celebrating Easter together. These little reminders that despite my sometimes wavering faith (yup, it happens!), God is real and He is moving. 

That's when I feel most alive.

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  • Gracie says:

    Ohh that's awesome that you went to Easterfest. I've actually never been though I always say that I intend too.

    It sounds like an amazing weekend seeing Switchfoot and meeting Erica Bartle. I hope you are able to write for her site. What a wonderful God given opportunity. x

  • Erimentha says:

    :) sounds fantastic! i'm so jealous! i really love your blog xoxox

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