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Wednesday, May 25, 2011 ♥ 2

Forever New handbag; Vogue Italia; Zu peep-toes

I believe in cuddles. Cuddles cure everything.
The world would be better if we stopped judging people by their appearances and stopped being so hard on ourselves. Life is short; do what you love and laugh until your back hurts.
Someday I am going to go to Paris! For all the delicious food.
I'm not very good at first impressions.
I love love.
When I need a break I read a glossy, take a nap, or unwind in front of the telly with my beau. These days it's when we're watching Masterchef! Exciting stuff - I love it! 
I am most happy when I'm surrounded by food loved ones. Hee. And knowing God is always with me.
It bothers me when I stress and get anxious over things I cannot control.
I never thought I could cross off so many things on my bucket list so soon. Praise God for His love and blessings!


Fill in the Blanks meme as seen here. 
To Write Love On Her Arms is a beautiful organisation. 

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