mischief managed

Thursday, August 4, 2011 ♥ 4

Dear Me, 
Never forget how much you love being twenty-one, how much you love Brisbane, and how much you love your friends. Don't forget that hilariously fun night you had last Saturday; the night you discovered that your tolerance level is, in fact, not eleven shots, and that Jessica's is not ten. Don't forget the night your childhood friend relished this very rare moment of yours and wiped your vomit-splattered heels (that's gross. You owe her for life); the night your darling boyfriend drove down to take you and your friends home, scooping you up from the bench like a hero because you literally weren't strong enough to stand; the night your sweetheart of a housemate sat beside you on the floor next to the toilet bowl to make sure you didn't fall asleep while trying to vomit (turns out, you can sleep anywhere. Also, again, that's gross. You owe her for life as well.), after which she sweetly helped remove your make-up.

Like I said, it was a hilarious night, and you and Jess will probably never hear the end of it. Ha! But I know you won't let that happen again. You're twenty-one. You're young, you're still experiencing new things every day. Have fun, make mistakes, but most importantly, learn. You're living life. And I know you're loving life. 

You know how some people like to look back at fond memories and say, "those were the best years of my life"? 

You're living it.


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