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Thursday, May 24, 2012 ♥ 4

Things have been rather quiet around here lately. It's my final semester in university and with just one more week of classes left, I have been busy finishing up my last few major assignments (all of which are due at the same time!) and just trying to take it all in-- the stress and the joys of being a student. I can't quite believe I have come this far. Sometimes it feels like it has been ages since I first started college, but most of the time it just feels like everything happened so quickly and suddenly I am just a few steps away from crossing the finishing line. Although I am happy and proud of my achievements, my heart cannot help but sink a little when I think of receiving my scroll in my graduation robes come July, because this means I will have to close yet another chapter in my life. A chapter that I have enjoyed through and through, right from my very first day at HELP University College to my very last at The University of Queensland. My heart sinks because I know I will miss it. I already do. 

I've been thinking a lot about the friends I made and the crazy misadventures we had during our HELP days back in '08 until mid '10. Eka, Ernie, Riz, Christine, Leconte, Aaron, Elaine, Phil, Shannon, Rushdi... There was never a dull moment whenever they were around, or when we were together. Our weekly trips to IKEA for lunch (mmm, meatballs) after Monday classes, hanging out in the corridors of Block E, trying to fit three people into a hole in the wall, movie nights, random house visits (especially to pay out those who skipped class that day), trying to sneak into cinemas only to end up in a dodgy stairway and getting lost, staying up together until 4am trying to study for our Anthropology exam, our road trip to Penang... Oh man, Penang. I'm chuckling to myself just thinking about it-- about how the boys got food poisoning and we had to deal with sharing one bathroom. Let's just say I have enough poo jokes (and blackmailing ammo) to last me a lifetime.

Then, of course, there's my Australian journey thus far. I am so blessed to have made such incredible friends here as well. Ones who believe in me and encourage me during challenging times, ones I am able to laugh loudly with, celebrate momentous events with, and eat yummy food with. I look back on all my sixteen years of education since primary school, and am reminded of God's incredible faithfulness and goodness. I am so very blessed indeed. 

I haven't been able to write much here lately, but at this moment, I'm writing because I want to remember how much I've enjoyed every aspect of my education. And I will miss it. All of it. All kinds of "it". Youth, life as an undergrad, lecturers who have impacted my life, lessons learned, friends and family who are scattered across the globe.

These are the memories and people I will always cherish, and I am heavy and light. But that's a good thing, because their love has taught me to fly.


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