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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 ♥ 2

Round 2 of Formspring questions! (: I answered a few back when I was still in Australia (I'm now back home in Malaysia for the summer holidays), so some of the answers may relate to that. Here we go!

♥ What's your favourite fashion magazine, and do you save your mags. Fashionkath
Hi, Kath! 
Hmmm, my favourite fashion magazine... definitely Lula! It's full of whimsical, ethereal daydreams and just lovely to read if not to just gaze at. Personally, I've always found Vogue rather suffocating and nose-up-in-the-air stuffy, albeit I think British Vogue conducts fantastic shoots. So most of the time I prefer sticking to indie/lifestyle glossies like Frankie, Glamour and Nylon.

And yup, I most definitely keep all the glossies I buy! Hehe. I could never ever throw them away. They're so precious to me and I keep them in mint condition. Though I really should start picking and choosing the ones I keep because my shelves have caved under the weight of all my magazines and now they can't fit into the bottom drawer either. Eeep! How about you, love? Do you keep all of them? xx

♥ do you love muse? do you LOVE muse? DO YOU LOVE MUSE!!!!!


♥ If you were going to have a themed family photoshoot, what theme(s) would you consider? :)
I'd love to see a family at a whimsical carnival / circus spread, 'cos colours are always lovely to oogle at, plus that's where family fun happens, or at least, my earliest memory of a circus/carnival was when my parents took me and my siblings. We loved it! Another theme I'd consider would probably a family in a park? The possibilities of pretty shoots are endless when in a park! hehe.

I love you..
and I love you, Boyfriend. (:

♥ hey darling!! Seems like your blog is also on a holiday?? hahaha Any suggestions to spend an awesome holiday? ... in KL... =P
hee, hi pozie! 
see? i've been updating! and am looking into switching layouts soon. seeing as we have very little time (Nik's uni, sigh) and can't go very far, i vote Bukit Tinggi for the old people we are! hahaha. as we discussed the other day kan. bunny farm! *happy dance* and mini little road trips to I-City (Nik will scold) and uh.. I don't know. maybe we can go play paintball or rock climbing since you missed it the last time. or skytrex again. HA. all I know is that every spare minute we have will be spent together. WOOT can't wait. see you in 7 days, bestfriend! x (I replied this while I was still in Australia - it's good to be home, bestfriend! hahaha)

♥ Is the timestamp on your blog posts Malaysian or Australian? Do you bother switching them? :)
Hehe well it was set to Malaysian time aggeess ago and I forgot to switch it when I arrived here in Australia! I kinda assumed it would automatically change it for me, I don't know why. Haha! I'll be heading back to Malaysia in a week's time so I'll switch my timestamp to Aussie timing the next time I'm back here in Brisbane in two months. Two hours difference! (:

That's all for now, will answer more soon! Thanks again for all your lovely comments and questions, darlings, it's such a blast responding to them. Keep 'em coming aite. And now I'm off to Christmas shop! Blessed Wednesday! 

rest of the photo set here

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  • Gracie says:

    Hehe! I received your sweet package yesterday!! Thank you soo much! I loved everything ;) The little heart earrings are perfect (especially the colour one of my faves lately) and I will wear them on Christmas!

    Hope you having fun being home and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! x

  • Anonymous says:

    You are too lovely.
    Happy holidays.


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